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Welcome to MrBeeTeach. My name is John Bee.

I have taught in primary schools for over 10 years across the North East of England, Spain and China. I am a deputy head teacher and still teach each day. I am a primary mastery specialist contributing to the works of the Great North Maths Hub programme in England. In this role, I lead mathematics in my own school and support leadership teams to develop teaching strategies and visions. My masters degree explored teaching for mastery approaches.

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When I began my career in teaching, I was asked to lead computing across school. One summer, I attended an inspirational conference with Martin Bailey (Animate2Educate) and was encouraged to set up a Twitter account. Since then, and with a change in role, I have shared many resources with teachers, parents and schools.

I have been lucky to have a variety of roles across my career. Maths is one area I am particularly passionate about. This website is designed to house all of the resources which have been developed, host a space for resources attached to my books and allow for regular updates.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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