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Multiplication Times Tables - Counting stick

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Children need to be fluent with multiplication times tables in order to access much of the maths curriculum. Without fluency and quick recall of multiplication times tables facts, maths can become unconnected and confusing. Sounds of 'I can't do Maths' may ring our around classrooms.

Leaving times tables to chance will limit the access t the wider maths curriculum so how might we teach children multiplication facts so they can remember them reliably and fluently recall them in order to access the curriculum? Enter: The counting stick.

These resources are nothing new in classrooms but reimagining their use can allow children to access and thrive.

The counting stick should be held in the middle to anchor the times tables facts (shown by an arrow in the image below).

Choose the times table to focus on and use some post-it notes or stickers to write down the times tables and present them on the counting stick. Skip count forwards and backwards.

Tell children they know we always start at 0 and they know we're doing the (in this case) 7 times tables and we already know 7 x 10 = 70.

Keep removing the post-it notes or stickers each time you count through. This will allow children to remember the times tables.

The process continues until all children have recalled the times tables out loud without any numbers on the counting stick.

It may then be repeated later that day, the next day or the next week. You can focus on any time tables based on teacher judgement and assessment.

We have a full suite of resources for all times tables (apart from the 1 times table to support children learn their multiplication times tables facts).

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