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NEW - Unlock reasoning and problem solving with goal free problems.

Mathematics is more than numbers and equations; it's a journey of exploration, reasoning, and problem-solving. At , we're excited to introduce our newest resources designed to transform math classrooms and unleash the power of reasoning and problem-solving from Year 1 to Year 6.

Goal free problems with statistics example
Goal free problems with statistics

These resources are not just another set of worksheets—they are a catalyst for fostering mathematical thinking and deepening understanding. The cornerstone of these resources lies in their goal-free approach. By posing three fundamental questions—what do you see, what do you know, what could you find out?—we empower every child to engage with math on their terms, regardless of their level.

Goal free problems with geometry example
Goal free problems

The beauty of these resources is their versatility. They seamlessly integrate with existing lessons, complementing the small steps outlined in well-known schemes of work. Whether you're teaching addition in Year 1 or delving into fractions in Year 6, our resources cover the breadth of the primary curriculum, encouraging students to explore, reason, and problem-solve at every step.

So, what makes these resources a game-changer?

  1. Accessible for All: They provide an inclusive platform where every child can actively participate in math. By focusing on observations, existing knowledge, and potential discoveries, these resources break down barriers and make math accessible to every student.

  2. Supercharging Reasoning: The goal-free approach ignites critical thinking and reasoning skills. Students aren't just solving problems; they're unravelling the intricacies of math by understanding concepts deeply.

  3. Aligned with Curriculum: Designed in tandem with the White Rose Maths curriculum, these resources seamlessly fit into existing lesson plans, making integration effortless for educators.

  4. Empowering Teachers: These resources aren't just for students—they're a teacher's ally. They assist educators in fostering an environment where mathematical curiosity thrives, creating confident problem-solvers.

We invite you to unlock the potential of your classroom with our goal-free math resources. Visit and embark on a journey where math becomes an adventure of discovery and empowerment. Subscribe today and witness the transformation in your students' mathematical prowess.

Join us in revolutionising math education—one goal-free problem at a time!

Download a free sample below:

Goal Free Problems - Year 6 - example
Download PPTX • 1.60MB

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