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New for 2024 - Goal Free Problems.

Maths goal free problems are open-ended problems that do not have a specific answer in mind. Instead, they invite students to explore a problem and discover all of the different ways that mathematics can be used to solve it.

Goal free problems can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. They can be used to introduce a new concept, to reinforce a concept that has already been taught, or to assess students' understanding of a concept. Goal free problems can also be used to develop students' reasoning and problem-solving skills. The 'slow reveal' design of these resources, which are matched to the national curriculum, enables an inclusive and supportive classrooms.

Goal free problems can have a positive impact on students' reasoning and problem-solving skills. By working on goal free problems, students learn to think more creatively and to explore different approaches to solving problems. They also learn to identify and use relevant mathematical knowledge and skills to solve problems.

Available as part of your subscription or to download in the shop.

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