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Concept maps

Mathematics has its own specific and technical vocabulary which can be inaccessible to some children (and adults). How we teach children big concepts is important to consider. How we explain the concept of 'equivalent', 'compare' or 'fraction' is important to explicitly teach for conceptual understanding.

Using the Friar model - a graphic organiser to teach vocabulary - as inspiration, the concepts maps by Mrbeeteach have been developed to reveal the structure of a concept. They include a teacher definition, concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of the concept and non-examples of the concept.

The concept maps draw careful attention to the essential and non-essential features of mathematical concepts, revealing the structure of the concepts.

The packs on this website are organised into year groups and focus on the key vocabulary and key concepts for that year group. They follow each area of the mathematics curriculum and can be used to display on the interactive board, displayed around school or printed for children to use and refer to. There is a blank template included for children to complete their understandings of a concept.

Below are some examples of the concept maps.

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