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Mathematical vocabulary - staff meeting and professional development

Mathematics is a language, and just like any other language, it is important for students to have a strong vocabulary in order to be successful. Math vocabulary is not just about knowing the definitions of words; it is also about understanding how those words are used in context. When students have a strong math vocabulary, they are better able to understand and explain mathematical concepts, solve problems, and communicate their thinking.

Mathematical Vocabulary - Staff meeting - professional development
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There are many different strategies that teachers can use to teach math vocabulary. Some effective strategies include:

- Use of the Freyer model to define and shoe examples.

- The use of matching including illustrations and drawings.

- Games

Freyer model for mathematical vocabulary

In addition to these strategies, there are also a number of professional development resources available to help teachers teach math vocabulary. These resources can provide teachers with new ideas for teaching math vocabulary, as well as tips and strategies for making math vocabulary instruction effective.

Strategies for teaching mathematical vocabulary

Downloadable Staff Meeting

The following is a downloadable staff meeting that you can use to provide professional development on math vocabulary. This staff meeting includes information on the importance of math vocabulary, as well as a variety of strategies for teaching math vocabulary. It covers:

  • Introduction to the importance of math vocabulary across schools

  • Strategies for teaching math vocabulary

Mathematical Vocabulary - Staff meeting - professional development
Download PPTX • 2.02MB

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